Grandpa Toast Coffee

randpa John was born in 1910 in Montreal, WI to first generation Finnish immigrants. He lived and worked in the iron ore mines in Montreal where my Mom was born and raised and where the story of Grandpa Toast started. It was always a thrill to find out we were making the 2 hour car ride to Montreal, which is an eternity as a kid, to see our Grandparents. I always had to be the first one through the door to receive their loving embrace, after annoying our parents with the chant of “that’s not Grandma’s house” as we passed the line of the many cookie cutter white homes that once housed the miners; our Grandparents house was the last in that line. When we had to sadly leave, my sister and I each got a crisp new dollar bill from my Grandpa, which he did with all the Grandkids, which we referred to as, you guessed it, Grandpa dollars. He was a man of extreme patients, an oil painter, an avid musky fisherman, a hunter, and a loving Father, husband and Grandfather. He was taken from us to soon, I was only sixteen at the time, but the impact he left on my life cannot be overstated. I miss him greatly and will until I see him again.